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Artist Statement

.I create lace out of stone.  I apply the voids to the rock which, in turn, creates the lace structure of the sculpture.  I manipulate the thickness of rock surrounding the voids creating organic shapes that bring nature to the sculpture.  I enjoy the carving of the rock, creating valleys and voids.  I love the challenge of soapstone and alabaster.  I see the rasps, saws and drills I use on natures medium like the favored brushes of a painter, important to the outcome of the sculpture.  The final reveal of the colors and striations at the culmination of the

piece, is a euphoric surprise.  The revelation of the thick and thin I create out of rock, making the organic lace appear by pushing the boundaries of my medium are a challenge won.  What appears at the end of creation is a rock sculpture with an organic lace pattern taken in part from the shapes of nature.  I want the viewer to see familiar shapes that are just out of reach of recognition.  I want them to feel the comfort of organic shapes and to observe the thick and thin.  I push to create the thinnest pieces of stone I can and still support the structure.  I enjoy pushing the limits of the medium.  I want a sense of almost improbable thinnest for the viewer to question and to spark interest from them.  I want my sculpture to interest the viewer in not just the overall view but to push them to explore the piece and how I created lace from stone.  










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